Hey, so my friends and I (TKandMit) were watching Epic Lloyd's 'The L Verse', and my friend, funny enough, dared me to rap the letter my name starts with; T. So here we go.

The Tkwarrior, TK, Tim, turns tables, T-Shirt, totally toking tabacco, tabbed, the Terminator, the Tabellion, the triple tripping trio, three, tips tipsiness tipsy, tipped, tic tac toe, Tupac, Tyrannosaurus Rex, technological turbo title, Tito's TKO, transatlantic to that, to Taiwan, to tag, to tagalong, today's toad toasts taboo, tailgated toboggan, tailors tailor the tailbone, Toddy the toddler toddles to turn, tainted train, take toffee, toggle tongue, titanium toilets, tomcats, Timmy Turner's talkative to terms, tomahawks, tomato, tomahto, tall tomboys, t-girls, tombs tombstone, talons to turn to turds, tone deaf, to tax the tracks, the tongue twisting, tying tapeworm's tamed, two tonics, tonsil tampons tamper temper, theater theatrical.

The whaT whaT's This? The whaT whaT's This? TK Trippin'.

The TI-82, T90 tampion, tamponade tamponaded, took two to too, touch tools to tan, tandem toons, tangy Tutankhamen tooth, teeth, tangent toothbrush, toothpick, two ticks, tick, tick, tangly tangram, tooting to the tank, tacos to transform, tap-outs top's toppled tape-recorders, torch the torn toreador, tornados, tortillas, torpedos, tarantula tantrums torque the tardy torrent's target, tariff torso's tart, torturous terriers, Tosh.O tosses teeny tiny Tasmanians to Tartarus, trailing teeoff trainers' telephone, television, telegrams, telegraphs, tranquillized trampolines trampling tranny tramps, telekinetic telemarketers transact to travel to teleozoic, trolls transexual, transmutation, transfiguration, transformation, translates to translative, temperature turns towards the transmigration.

The whaT whaT's This? The whaT whaT's This? TK Trippin'.

Tender tenderloins tending to trant to traps, that's tenet, Tennesse trickshots trapazoids, that's trash, traumatizing ten tenors tent tension, Traverse, traders traitor treading treadmills.

The whaT whaT's This? The whaT whaT's This? TK Trippin'.

Tumblr, Twitter, the Tube, the true, TK, the end. Thanks.

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