Battle Edit

Epiiiic raaaap battles of TK-O!





Trent Matthews Edit

Well, if you think you're good, then Spindash it out of your head

If you think you'll beat ME, Timmy, then you'll end up dead!!

Should've known a dog as a parent was a bad crossbred,

Because unlike you, I'm a read pure-bred!

So you better run, because you're on your deathbed!

Cause after I'm done with this, your body will look blood-red!

You belong in Minecraft, cause you're such a blockhead!

Go ahead and eat these rhymes, cause your mind's underfed!

Timothy Kelly Edit

Yes, Trent's mother and dad? Yes, it's Mit again, you know where Trent is at?

He's in his room, jerking off as he battle raps the guy he envies so bad!

Trust me, buddy, this isn't gonna go down like Round One,

You lost to a potato, and you lost when you used force as Obi Wan!

So is this how it goes down again, our friend? You won once, shoulda stuck with the victory,

Now it's gonna be no mystery how Mitstory left Tkid One-Fifteen as history!

I rap to succeed, your raps are short lines and exclamation marks,

Ohai, Mark, I'mma knock it outta da park! Once again, Mit takes it too far!

Trent Matthews Edit

Timothy Kelly Edit