This is a song written by TKandMit, here we go:

There once was a time

Where I thought everything was fine.

Never asked any questions,

"Why dad has wrinkles in his complexion?"


Then it hit me like a bomb did.

Didn't bother me I was adopted;

What bothered me was that my father

Wasn't my father and my real father was farther,

From me than the truth was,

For knowing the truth, well, who does?

Is it you, what's the new cause?

What? Lie and leave? You must?

You haven't hurt me enough?

I've seen you in pictures; you tough?

You a real man? Hell nah,

A real man is a good man who does not,

Skip town and leave his wife and new son,

And I know it mighta been hard, yeah, times are tough...

But not tough enough to not call me fucking once?!


"Yo kid, it's Gary, you're my son, Tim!"

Anything? Nothing? Give me somethin'!

A picture! A phone call! A Christmas present?!

I feel like Tiny Tim, a damn Christmas peasant!

Fuck you, get a damn disses, damn it!

Fuck, I know I sound like a temper tantrum,

But damn it! If you were in my shoes you couldn't stand it!

Can't outlast it, forgive me if I act outlandish!!


Gave it some time, - more time? I know, right?

Hesitated makin' this song and show it last night.

Where it just sounds like I yell and look like

An idiot and would sound weird if you'd say it on a mic.

But why I took time was because I wanted to do something...

I looked him up on Google, found his business and studied.

What do I do when I find you?

Do I berate you or say hi to you?

Like if you were a real person,

But I thought, actions would be worse in

This scenario; I don't want to hurt him

On the outside - in the inside? I was certain.


I opened the door, it was fifty past four,

He saw me, and I coulda swore,

He knew immediately, but he waited on me,

"Welcome to Gary's Roofing Company, I'm Gary"

I was about to say who I was, but it was scary!

I took my hood off, "I knew ya!"

"Who's ya?" Timothy's the name, so screw off.

His eyes widen, he goes silent,

Made this big man look like I was a giant.

Finally, he muttered to me how he was sorry,

I felt hearty, had my fill, pardon me.


And I left

Never to be seen again

Just like what he did

All those years ago.