From the bleachers,

You think I'm a teacher,

I'm no preacher,

Hell, you neither,

Now whenever I see her,

What do I do?

Trust you?

Love you?

Pretend everything is all fine and dandy,

Wow, you came back all happy,

Like none has happened,

You're maddened,

So what, I don't care,

I'm not some spare,

To downly ware,

I don't need, nor want, you in my life,

Go ahead and cry,

But you do anymore and you might just drive,

Me a little loco coco, grab a knife,

I've had enough.

You and he can go wonder,

Go ponder,

On yonder,

You monsters!

He doesn't want,

Of course not,

He doesn't know nor wish to,

So to him, F U too!

My life was all spick speck,

With out behaviours of a red neck,

Rude and crude dude,

and dudette, both lewd,

You came back all religious,

But didn't change you from malicious,

Wanting me more, all delirious,

You're not kidding? Haha, but that's hilarious,

That you can think that after fifteen years,

You can just step in, return right here,

Thinking that you have the ability to just switch gears,

You drunkard went crazy with a few beers,

Not one time you messed up, but once, twice,

Again and again, thrice!

Seriously, here's that Jesus Christ!

I mean, how many times,

Do you have to whine,

It was inevitable,

Never acceptable,

Surgery in the back,

Might have went whack,

I apologize for that,

But it doesn't change the fact,

Of the pain you've put me through,

You think you know me, see me through,

You don't know who,

So go and shoo,

If I lose you,

Do I really give a damn?

Give him a little a bam,

And to your corp for roofs,

I'll crush them all with a few booms,

But even when I think I have it going good,

Something happens again, to make it shrewd,

Like a mother to me,

You've done it to me,

Go go Speed Racer!

No no, need hastier,

Don't do that, no, please,

No, screwed up and leave,

Through all these hardships,

It's really hard, it hurts you right there,

Here and here,

Judgement tenses, not meres,

Don't come to me, wanting a second chance,

When I barely knew you, that's my stance,

You kept everything from me,

Don't come up calling me "Honey!",

It's not funny,

You're nothing!

You've done it now,

No really, I'm not proud

of you, for reform,

Cause it started before,

I was even ever born,

You were with the worst,

That caused your first,

I do not enjoy,

To be so annoyed.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

It's BS, it's all just evil,

You want to be nice to earn my trust back,

For what? To eventually do another backstab?

If you want to help me,

Help you. Leave me.

Alone. Don't call, don't text, don't ring,

I'm sorry, that you had to get the mssage from me to sing,

You can't hurt, I don't forget,

That won't work, I won't forgive,

"But I wanna see you!" Here's an autograph,

With a voice recording, do the math.

More than ever,

Do I never,

Care, have a picture,

but that is not a fixture,

Frankly, you don't deserve to see brother or sister,

And this man? He's no mister!

He's a peasant,

He's not pleasant,

I don't question,

I just pretend,

That he's nonexistant,

It's better without,

Better you'd never reach out,

Because my life would suck, no doubt,

Ah hell, I can't take it anymore, gotta shout!

My life is perfect,

But it worsens,

When you interfere,

When you get in here,

When you intercept,

Pay off the damn debt!

Well, it must be the Great Depression,

for you, because my confession

is that I'm no longer messing,

with you and I need to end our session,

It's the end, fin.

It's done.

Don't word bend, no fun.

You're making me crazy,

Back then all lazy,

Now I'm gazing,

Eyesight's hazing,

With rage,

I can't stay,

I'm outta my cage...

...Now's the time to pray!

Because I'm fed up!

You've already messed up!

You just don't get it,

I respect woman,

But you, I gotta hit it,

You idiot,

You nitwit,

You're sad?!

I'm mad!

Whine all the hell you want, it'll change nothing,

No, together, we don't have something!

You want to be respected,

You'll just get rejected,





You're infected,

With arrogance

and ignorance.


Not caring,

Not sharing,

Just slightly baring,

Fuck Gary,

But guess what, I'm airing,

This on everywhere and I'm blaring!

...Every time I close my eyes,

All I see is you, full of lies,

Mouthing off,

Counting off,

Prowling love,

I'm done, no more, I can't take it.

For nones sakes, it is this,

This is it,

So before I say it one more time,

I don't mean to be the bad guy,

But, these are the hardships,

Which just makes it hard shit.

Every time you lie,

You also deny,

And want to be mine,

But not, and whine.

So here is the message,

And don't mess with it,

Now is now, and we end it,

Forever together, I think not,

I see not,

I'm happy, not.

Oh, it's another tale of this again,

But there's only so much I take that I can,

So just, let, go.

I will not show,

So just let me be,

And we finally end this plea.